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Commercial & Medicare Advantage

Managed Care/Medicare Advantage Category
  1. AAH Capped Rental NIV Letter
  2. AAHomecare Shares Materials to Assist with Payer Engagement (Talking points prior to ESRD finalization) 
  3. Cures legislation for Medicare Advantage/Medicare Based Plans
  4. Letter on Cures Legislation
  5. Medicare Regional Pricing Comparison
  6. Cost Study
  7. Dobson DaVanzo Access Study
  8. Supplier Tracking
  9. AIM Sleep Management Proposed Guidelines by AAHomecare 
  10. History of Cuts to HME Reimbursement 
  11. Medicare Managed Care Appeal Manual 
  12. Medicare Managed Care Appeal Flowchart 
  13. UHC Letter-Invalid recoupments for contracted providers Fall 2018 
  14. Medicaid Managed Care Articles and Observations Around the Country
  15. Proposed Legislative Language for State Specific Initiatives

Tricare Category

  1. Sample Provider Letter to Department of Defense-Mandated Tricare Reimbursements
  2. Tricare Contacts-Defense Health Agency 
  3. AAHomecare formal complaint on Humana Military to Defense Health Agency