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If you’d like to see how AAHomecare serves as a leading advocate for homecare providers and HME/DME manufacturers, look no further than these testimonials from our members.

Please read through these success stories to learn more about our lobbying efforts and how we work on your behalf to ensure Medicare does not put too much of a burden on the homecare industry.

  • Our membership in AAHomecare has proven to be invaluable as Comfort Company has made an effort to be more in control of the future of this industry and ultimately the future of our company. The information and additional involvement in the political process has made us aware of potential industry changes before they have happened and allowed us to be more prepared for them. It has also provided us an opportunity to be more involved in the effort to prevent or at least sculpt some of the more damaging proposals that come out of Washington D.C.
    Torger Sikveland, Comfort Company
  • “I support AAHomecare for many reasons - helping to improve the lives of our patients, providing a forum for providers to address issues with Medicare and networking with industry leaders to learn better ways to run our business.  The cost for this is not insignificant, but the funds we recovered through the additional payments provided by the CURES act covers our financial support for years to come.  Thank you AAH.”
    Joel D. Marx, Medical Service Company
  • Our organization values our membership at AAHomecare.  We have appreciated great value in the resources available from AAHomecare and the work and assistance they provide to assist us in fighting many of the pressing issues facing our industry. As active members of a number of the committees that AAHomecare hosts, we have had the pleasure and privilege of sharing ideas and working with fellow members/business owners/managers to navigate and more importantly make a difference during these challenging and changing times of our industry.
    Gayle Devin, ActivStyle, Inc.
  • Membership in AAHomecare has provided Preferred Homecare with a multitude of opportunities.  We are able to network with the industry’s leading manufacturers and DME suppliers from across the nation, professional staff development and timely communication of issues that impact the company . Through the company’s participation on the HME/RT Council we have the ability to impact legislation and regulatory matters.
    Sheila Roberson, Preferred Homecare ยท LifeCare Solutions
  • We support AAHomecare for many reasons.  It is not only a smart business decision based on the timely information and networking opportunities it provides with other industry leaders and key government policymakers, but it often more than pays for itself based on the outcomes that result from the industry’s legislative or regulatory achievements.  As an industry manufacturer we believe it is part of our duty and responsibility to support our industry and work on the front lines to advance solutions to the many challenges and opportunities that exist.
    Seth Johnson, SVP Government Affairs
  • “AAHomecare membership allows us to easily stay on top of policy and payer issues impacting the HME industry, and they keep us up to date on their team’s regular interactions with key CMS and Hill staff to help us hone our advocacy efforts.  They are a great partner to help us deliver a coordinated message to policy-makers and are always on call to provide counsel.  Tremendous value!”  
    Amy Law, Acelity
  • I have been involved as a Member with AAHomecare for over 15 years, the organization has never been in better hands between the professional staff with Tom Ryan as President and the leadership of the volunteer Board of Directors. I am expecting breakthrough positive results in the very near future. Every company who is reimbursed by any government payer or private insurance company must be involved in government relations both at the National Level and State level. Our payment rates are all directly tied to Medicare and we must work together to make sure our rates are sustainable. Walking the halls of Congress is easy and fun… everyone should make at least one trip to Washington DC for a lobbying visit, seeing how our government works from the inside is fascinating.
    Doug Coleman, Rocky Mountain Medical Equipment & CAMES

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