Code of Business Ethics

Our commitment to honest and transparent business practices

AAHomecare’s Code of Business Ethics has been developed to highlight and promote the high standards practiced by homecare providers.

The Code also incorporates current guidance and compliance standards as outlined by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as well as other regulatory and legal requirements relevant to home medical equipment companies.

Code of Business Ethics (updated August 2015) Code of Business Ethics FAQ (updated August 2015) Details of 2015 Updates to the Code & FAQ Code of Business Ethics Guidelines for Use Code of Business Ethics Supporting Citations

The Code of Business Ethics has been adopted by the AAHomecare Board of Directors. By adopting this Code, HME providers agree to promote and encourage ethical business practices in all of their interactions using the following core principles to guide conduct:

  • Comply with applicable, federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  • Promote and encourage conduct that builds trust between HME providers, patients, referral sources and private and public sector payers.

AAHomecare’s revised Code expands into important new areas including:

  1. Interactions with patients including specifics on products and services, recommending specific products to patients, the continuum of care, gifts and free patient items or services, copays and deductible amounts, gifts to non-profit organizations or charities representing patients, and health fairs.
  2. Interactions with payors and how billing policies and procedures should adopted, how to comply with applicable federal and state laws and regulations, and ensuring ongoing compliance.
  3. Interactions with referral sources and how to conduct business and promotional meetings, provide services and information, support third party educational conferences, conduct appropriate arrangements with consultants, gifts, social and holiday events, and grants and charitable donations.
  4. Interactions with vendors.

AAHomecare and its members have worked with Congress and CMS to encourage ethical business practices and socially responsible conduct. This Code of Business Ethics is intended to help the HME sector advance these efforts.

This Code will help companies maneuver the land mines of compliance plans in health reform. Through education, outreach and action, AAHomecare is committed to leading the home medical equipment sector in advancing the highest ethical standards.
~A.J. Filippis