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To help all HME providers improve relations with health plans, legislators and industry influencers, AAHomecare is kicking off a series of positive impact stories, featuring passionate individuals who are going above and beyond to make sure the industry understands the value we deliver – to patients and other healthcare constituents. 

Celebrating HME Industry Heroes – One Hero at a Time

Learn what ActiveStyle’s CEO Gayle Devin is doing to highlight the importance of high-quality incontinence supplies for patients and Medicaid MCOs. AAHomecare has put together a case study that describes the work that Gayle Devin and the AAHomecare Medical Supplies Council is doing to educate MCOs on the positive impact high-quality incontinence supplies and care services can have on patient utilization rates, risk reduction and patient outcomes. 

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HME Hero Profile: Dewey Roof Quantifying the Value of HME

Read the story of how LifeHME CEO Dewey Roof was able to demonstrate the critical role HMEs play by
reducing preventable hospital readmissions of COPD patients by 40%. 


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HME Hero Profile: PRoviders meeting covid-19 challenges

HME providers are partnering with hospitals and health departments to meet the medical needs of their communities. The extent of this public health emergency is unprecedented in modern time, but the HME Industry is no stranger to rising to provide critical support and services in times of crisis. 


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Tell us your HME Hero Story

By sharing these positive impact stories with the HME community, it is our intention to help HME providers across the country begin to better articulate the tremendous value we deliver to the communities we serve. By playing an active role in helping our healthcare system contain costs while improving patient outcomes and lives, HME providers will be better equipped to take our rightful position in the new value-based healthcare economy. 

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