Brightree Users Can download Reports Providing Data for Multiple Survey Questions

Brightree Audit Key Resources - PDF version Brightree Audit Key Resources - MS Word version

New Data Submission Round Opens July 17 -  Covering 2nd Quarter 2017  - register and get ready to share your info at

Share Your Data and Support the Campaign to Fix Medicare Audits

Why do we need the Audit Key?

On the front line of advocacy efforts to reform the audit system, policy makers continually ask questions like these: "Do you have any data to back up your statements?  Can you show me with numbers how this is affecting your industry?"

The HME community must be able to better demonstrate the burdensome nature of audits, in terms of volumes and overturn rates.  Your participation in the audit key will help us get the data we need to make the case for reform, and will also help us identify and react to new trends and developments in the audit space.

How can HME providers learn more about the program and register?

AAHomecare and our technical support partner, Provider Consulting Solutions, has developed three brief presentations that provide an overview of the program, getting started, and entering data into the system. 

HME Audit Key Overview - wmv file Getting Started - MP4 file Completing the Survey - MP4 file

Register for the audit key here.  You will need your organization's NPI and respective 5-digit zip code.


2nd Quarter 2017 Survey Results 1st Quarter 2017 Survey Results 4th Quarter 2016 Survey Results 3rd Quarter 2016 Survey Results 2nd Quarter 2016 Suvey Results 1st Quarter 2016 Survey Results 4th Quarter 2015 Survey Results Preview the Data Entry Form Here Audit Key Data, 2nd Quarter 2015 (results from Phase II testing)

Additional Benefits

Individual suppliers will have access to their own quarterly survey results, and will have access to aggregate survey results and key findings.  Suppliers can use this information to see how they compare to others in terms of audit volumes and appeal overturn rates.

Your Data is Secure

Your company's individual information will never be shared, but will be included in the aggregate data.  See more detail in the Audit Key Website & Data Security Statement

For More Information

See, or for questions about how your participation will help audit reform efforts and benefit your company, email