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Tuesday, June 12, 2018 ~ 2:30PM - 3:30PM

What Constitutes a HIPAA Breach & How to Respond to the Breach

Presented by Jeff Baird, Esq. & Allison Shelton, Esq. of Brown & Fortunato
HIPAA has been with us for enough years that health care providers, including DME suppliers, know that they need to follow HIPAA guidelines...and avoid HIPAA breaches. A HIPAA breach can be small and relatively uneventful. On the other hand, a larger breach can cause all kinds of trouble for the supplier. HIPAA enforcement is handled by the Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”). And during recent years, the OCR has been flexing its muscles in bringing enforcement actions against health care providers that experience HIPAA breaches.

This webinar will discuss
1.what exactly a HIPAA “breach” is;
2.the types of breaches that are relatively minor and those that are more serious;
3.the types of liability that the supplier can face in the event of a HIPAA breach; and
4.how the supplier should respond to a HIPAA breach.

Equally as important, this webinar will discuss
5.the importance of a HIPAA compliance program;
6.the roles that HIPAA compliance officers should take;
7.the provisions that must be contained in a HIPAA compliance program; and
8.the type of HIPAA training that the supplier should provide to its employees.

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No online registration is available for this program as we change over association management systems. Please download the form and return to Cherie Newell at cherien@aahomecare.org or FAX to 202-835-8306 to reserve a webinar line. 

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