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Location: Arlington, Va

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 8:00AM - Thursday, May 24, 2018 ~ 5:00PM

HME Leaders Come Together to Keep the Pressure on Capitol Hill

The Washington Legislative Conference set the stage for two days of action on Capitol Hill, where HME advocates were scheduled to see more than 250 Congressional offices to make the case for substantial and sustained relief in non-bid areas and better Medicare reimbursement policy for all suppliers. Position papers used during these meetings can be found here.

Conference attendees joined together at the luncheon to honor the AAHomecare/Mal Mixon Legislative Advocate recipient, Doug Coleman. Tom Ryan, president of AAHomecare stated, "I believe Doug Coleman has far exceeded the parameters set forth in this award, serving as a passionate leader in the industry for both the Colorado Association for Medical Equipment Services and AAHomecare. Doug leads with creative solutions and a drive for change. For three decades he has focused on issues critical to patients and providers including policy changes that protect the integrity of our industry." 

Following the presentation of the Board in the Annual Membership Meeting, Tom Ryan thanked Scott Meuser, outgoing Secretary, for his decade of service to AAHomecare on the Board of Directors, stating, "Scott has been an integral part of this Association, helping develop strategy and expand our reach. Thank you for your generous commitment of time, support and leadership. We appreciate your service to the Association."

The keynote speaker for the 2018 Washington Legislative Conference was Melanie Combs-Dyer, newly appointed Acting Deputy Director of Provider Compliance Group at CMS. Melanie spoke on a variety of projects her department is working on to reduce provider compliance burdens. She noted there are currently many unnecessary requirements and her goal is to to improve the supplier/provider experience. Here are some projects her team is spearheading:
  • Documentation Requirements Simplification (DRS) Initiative has the goal of removing unnecessary requirements.
  • Provider Documentation Manual is a website for suppliers and providers to see all documentation requirements and check lists for items in one place.
  • Documentation Requirement Lookup Service will give prescribers the convenience of seeing documentation requirements at the time of service.

In addition, her team is looking into increasing the efficiency of providers sharing electronic health records with the goal of eliminating the industry’s reliance on fax machines. She also told attendees that CMS is looking into taking the items included in the PMD PA Demonstration into the expanded PA program. The current PMD PA Demonstration is slated to end on August 31, but an announcement on the Demonstration should be coming soon. Melanie welcomed feedback and suggestions on the efforts at reducingproviderburden@cms.hhs.gov. Her slides from the conference can be found here.

Congressional Feedback Forms

Please complete a Congressional Feedback Form for each meeting you attended during your time in Washington. The information provided from your meetings will help the Association with follow-up and strategy.

Thank you to our Sponsors:

Thank you to our generous sponsors for underwriting this year's conference. Your contributions help support advocacy efforts that benefit the entire HME community.

Contact Sue Mairena at suem@aahomecare.org or 202-372-0745 to begin planning sponsorship for the 2019 Washington Legislative Conference.

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