Competitive Bidding: “Buying Into” a Contract, Exiting a Contract, Meeting Capacity, and Other Important Issues

Tue, March 14

Presented by: Jeffrey Baird, Esq. with Brown & Fortunato and Mark Higley with VGM.

Now that competitive bidding has … unfortunately … been in place for several years, a number of legal issues have arisen and have been addressed by CMS. This webinar will discuss these legal issues. In particular, this webinar will:

  • Examine if the DME supplier can cease serving competitive bid patients if the supplier's business has exceeded the capacity stated in the supplier's bid package.
  • Look at the options the contract supplier has if it concludes that it simply cannot continue to serve patients on a profitable basis under the competitive bid contract.
  • Examine what the supplier must do if it discovers that it has not met the "physical location" requirements of a state.
  • Look at the requirements a contract supplier must follow in order to "carve out" a portion of its competitive bid contract.
  • Examine how a contract supplier should prepare a Corrective Action Plan when CMS threatens to terminate the competitive bid contract.   

 Price: Member: $99.00 | Non-Member: $129.00