Audit Resources

HME providers have found that sending Medicare all of the information it wants, in the format it requires, so that they can be be paid—and keep their reimbursement—can be challenging.

While AAHomecare works with Congress and CMS to make these processes less of a burden, the Association focuses on delivering educational webinars, checklists, trackers, and other tools to help providers improve compliance.

Audit checklists developed by experts on the Association's Regulatory Council will help your staff process orders according to Medicare documentation requirements. The checklists are free to AAHomecare members; non-members can use the order form below.

Diabetic Supplies Audit Checklist (updated January 2015)

Enteral Nutrition Audit Checklist (updated January 2015)

Hospital Bed Audit Checklist (updated August 2014)

Oxygen Audit Checklist (updated August 2014)

PAP Audit Checklist (updated January 2015)

Manual Wheelchair Checklist (NEW January 2015)

Download a sample checklist.

Download an audit checklist order form.

AAHomecare has also developed an Excel-based Audit Tracking Tool that providers can use to track their audits. This is available free of charge to everyone in the homecare sector.

Audit Tracking Tool

An effective compliance program may help reduce a provider's exposure to regulatory action, including audits. Find expert guidance and the sample forms needed to develop an effective complaince program with AAHomecare's Focus on Compliance Workbook.