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Answering the Call and Saving Lives: HME Heroes Are at the Heart of the Fight Against COVID-19

Posted On: April 29, 2020 by AAHomecare in: COVD-19

HME Heroes: COVID-19 Edition As the nation battles COVID-19, Home Medical Equipment (HME) providers are partnering with hospitals and health departments to meet the medical needs of their communities.  The extent of this public health emergency is unprecedented in modern time, but the HME Industry is no stranger to rising to provide critical support and services in times of crisis.   While most of America shelters in place, HME providers answer the call of essential service workers, braving the elements and working around the clock to preserve the homecare infrastructure that enables hospitals to quickly free up beds and safely discharge patients.  HME providers deploy their Respiratory Therapists and delivery technicians on the front lines to care for those with COVID-19, suspected cases, and other health conditions requiring treatment at home.  Meanwhile, millions of Americans rely on their HME providers to continue receiving their needed equipment, supplies,

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