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Help Build Additional Support for Legislative Priorities

We continue to work with our champions on Capitol Hill to advance HME policy priorities and increase our chances to have provisions from HR 2771 and HR 4945 included in future omnibus legislative packages.
We urge individuals with providers, manufacturers, distributors, and other companies supporting the HME community to take action over the next few weeks to contact your representatives in the House and ask for them to co-sponsor these bills.

Non-Bid Area Relief & O2 Rural Reimbursement
HR 2771 – Protecting HOME Access Act of 2019
Current Co-Sponsors (72)
See our updated list of Reps. who co-sponsored rural relief legislation in the 115th Congress but are not yet co-sponsoring HR 2771; these should be top co-sponsor targets.

Keeping Non-Invasive Ventilators Out of Bidding Program
HR 4945 – SMART Act of 2019
Current Co-Sponsors (43)
See this updated list of Reps. who joined a sign-on letter asking CMS to reconsider plans to add NIV to the CB program but have not yet cosponsored for best targets.

Is Your Representative a Member of the House Energy & Commerce Committee?
Generating support from members of this committee of jurisdiction for Medicare financing-related issues is especially important, especially if your Representative is part of the Democratic majority. See a full list of Energy & Commerce Committee members, co-sponsorship status, and contact info for Legislative staff handling healthcare issues for these members here.
We’re Here to Help!
Please contact Ashley Plauche at or Gordon Barnes at for contact information for House staffers who handle healthcare issues, help with messaging your requests or setting up a meeting, or any other assistance needed in making your contacts.  We would also like to hear about any agreements to co-sponsor, or any “no” responses, so our lobbying team can follow up.