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AAHomecare has been working tirelessly to alleviate the pandemic’s impact on companies like American Association For Homecare by working with Medicare, Medicaid, and 3rd party payers to secure financial relief and relax requirements for HME suppliers as evidenced by our COVID-19 HME achievements. However, our work is far from over, and AAHomecare is driving efforts to make many of these improved policies apply on a permanent basis, including:

  • Telehealth flexibilities
  • Addressing oxygen documentation
  • Commercial prior authorization requirements
  • Grandfathering patients who received equipment during the public health emergency (PHE)
  • And more!

The AAHomecare team is weighing in with Medicare and other payers to remove barriers that make it more cumbersome to care for those who rely on HME, supplies, and services. AAHomecare is meeting often with CMS to extend PHE waivers and recently provided HME-specific comments to a multi-stakeholder task force that is developing long-term recommendations for telehealth. 

HHS Secretary Azar opined earlier this month that telehealth is now “an embedded part of our health care system,” and AAHomecare is continuing efforts to ensure that any telehealth provisions adopted would also be applied to HME. 

To build upon these accomplishments and secure tangible wins that protect your business and enhance your bottom line, we invite American Association For Homecare to join AAHomecare! 

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The financial return on investment is clear – and being a member of AAHomecare also enables you to network and collaborate with other forward-thinking leaders from across the HME Industry who are navigating today’s challenges and carving out a brighter future for their company and the people they serve. 

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