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When payer issues arise, AAHomecare member Ryan Bullock knows where to turn.
Ryan is the chief operating officer for Aeroflow Healthcare headquartered in North Carolina. In addition to being responsible for organizational operations across his company’s ten locations, he is actively involved in AAHomecare’s Medical Supplies Council and vice chair of the Payer Relations Council.
The collective power of influence the Association has with payers has positively affected member companies like Aeroflow. Ryan explains, “currently, the team is working through issues related to TRICARE and WPS processing of claims and retroactively applying of medical coverage guidelines. It’s a much harder ask for one individual provider to influence change; however, collectively through AAHomecare, we can make changes happen!”
AAHomecare serves as a clearinghouse for new guidance and rates from payers nationwide, coordinates the industry response to significant changes from these payers, and works to build constructive relationships with leaders at state Medicaid programs, MCOs, and major private payers. 
“AAHomecare has provided a platform to bring together other providers to set the stage for having an open discussion around topics that affect us collectively,” Ryan says. “Having One Voice is important to legislators and payers, and the councils help bring together that One Voice.”
Access to AAHomecare staff expertise when navigating complex regulatory requirements and the continually evolving payer landscape is also key. Ryan continues, “AAHomecare’s Kim Brummett (VP Regulatory Affairs) and Laura Williard (VP Payer Relations) have been great resources and are always willing to take a call or respond to an e-mail with regards to legislative, payers, competitive bidding, etc… Their insight is invaluable.”  
“If I had one thing to tell HME providers who are considering joining AAHomecare it would be that we need more companies on board to strengthen our collective ability to generate positive outcomes at the Federal, state, and individual payer level,” notes Ryan. “Whether you are a traditional HME provider or niche provider, we need you on board.”
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