Seeking Feedback from Providers Serving Patients in Hurricane Impacted Areas

AAHomecare is proud of the dedicated efforts of the HME community to serve patients in areas impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  Your life-saving work directly supporting patients in their homes or at emergency shelters also helps reduce the strain on first responders and hospitals as they try to cope with the challenges posed by these disasters.

We are working with CMS to streamline regulatory requirements to allow providers to efficiently serve their patients in these extraordinary situations and have been asked to pass along feedback/information from affected HME providers on these particular issues:

  • Are any non-CB-contract winners providing or being asked to provide services in competitive bidding areas?
  • Are you providing back up oxygen tanks during this disaster?

We're also interested in hearing any stories/reports from HME providers on your experiences serving your patients and keeping your operations going in these extraordinary circumstances.  Please share your input on those specific questions or any other feedback on your activities and experiences to and

Thank you for great work in these challenging and dangerous conditions -- we look forward to making sure the HME community gets the recognition it deserves for these terrific efforts.