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AAHomecare Medicare Reimbursement Legislation Campaign Central

Advocating for sustainable Medicare reimbursement policy remains a priority for AAHomecare.  Working with our champions on Capitol Hill, we have managed to secure substantial relief for HME suppliers in rural areas in the form of 50/50 bended rates until the next competitive bidding round, as well as a 75/25 blended rate for suppliers in non-rural, non-CB areas through the duration of the ongoing COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE).

AAHomecare is actively working to support S. 1294, legislation extend the current 75/25 blended rate for non-rural, non-CB are suppliers though the end of 2024.  We are also leading advocacy efforts on H.R. 5555, newly introduced legislation to establish a 90/10 blended rate (90% competitive bidding rates/10% unadjusted Medicare fee schedule rates) in former Competitive Bidding Areas.  Learn more about these twin advocacy efforts below.

The most important steps you can take today: e-mailing your Senators' and Representatives healthcare staffers asking them to co-sponsor S.1294 (Senate) and H.R. 5555 (House).

Step 1 – Who to contract.  
If you don’t know the name and email address of the staffer who handles healthcare issues for your Senators and Representative, call their Capitol Hill office and ask for that information.  Simply ask “I need the name and email address for the individual who handles healthcare issues for your office.” Almost every office will give you that information without question. You can find basic contact info for your Senators here and House contact info here. If your legislators are on committees for jurisdiction for healthcare finance issues, their support is especially important: Senate Finance Committee -- House Energy & Commerce Committee -- House Ways & Means Committee

Step 2 – Crafting Your Email
Keep it simple for maximum impact. Your most effective email will be short, clear and to the point. Here’s the points to make:

  • Who you are: Just a sentence or two about you and your company, where you are located, and the patients you serve.

  • Why you are writing: Just a sentence or two about how repeated cuts to Medicare reimbursement rates over have impacted your company and your ability to serve patients.  Any details you can add about increased product or operational costs in recent years against static Medicare reimbursement rates for HME is helpful, but you don’t need to list them all.

  • What you are asking for (Senate): Senators John Thune and Debbie Stabenow have introduced S. 1294, legislation that extends a recent measure of relief granted to home medical equipment providers though a 75/25 blended rate of adjusted and non-adjusted Medicare rates.  Please co-sponsor the legislation – contact Sen. Thune's or Sen. Stabenow's office to sign on. You can also include a link to the related Issue Brief with your email.

  • What you are asking for (House): Representatives Mariannette Miller Meeks and Paul Tonko have just introduced H.R. 5555, legislation that provides a modest increase to Medicare rates for home medical equipment suppliers in former Competitive Bidding areas and also includes the 75/25 relief for non-bid areas found in S. 1294.  This relief is needed to keep pace with rising product and operational costs for home medical equipment suppliers, who haven't seen a market-based adjustment for rates since CMS canceled the results of last competitive bidding round.  You can also include a link to the Issue Brief with your email.

  • End by thanking them for their consideration, asking them to let you know if they will sign on as a co-sponsor, and urging them to contact you with any questions.

Step 3 - Optional details

Did you meet with your Senator or Representative as part of AAHomecare’s Virtual Legislative Conference on Sept. 20?  You can/should remind them that you met with their office to discuss the need to align Medicare reimbursement rates with the market/cost environment you face.

Step 4 - Follow Up for Maximum Impact

Please share any replies you get, positive or negative, with Gordon Barnes at  And, of course, respond appropriately to those replies.

If you do not get a reply within one week, consider calling and asking to speak with the staffer on the issue, or send a follow-up email.  More details much-needed Medicare reimbursement legislation can be found in the issue briefs and in the brief summaries below.

More details on H.R. 5555 and S. 1294

H.R. 5555 - 90/10 Rates for Former CBAs and 75/25 Rates in Non-Rural Areas

On September 19, Reps. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa) and Paul Tonko (D-N.Y.) introduced H.R. 5555, legislation to apply 90/10 blended Medicare reimbursement rate for items in the 13 product categories whose bid results were not implemented in Round 2021 -- and to extend 75/25 rates for an additional year in non-rural, non-bid areas.  This relief would run through 2024, giving our industry important relief while we work on a longer term solution or begin a new bidding process.

S. 1294 - Extending the 75/25 Blended Rate in Non-Rural, Non-CB Areas

On April 26, 2023, Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.)  introduced S.1294, legislation to further extend the Medicare 75/25 blended rate for non-rural, non-CBA suppliers through the end of 2024. The legislation extends relief granted in the 2022 Omnibus budget legislation keeping 75/25 rates for an additional year and provides more stability for suppliers in these areas.  The bill would also impact rates from other payers who are influenced by Medicare rates, including TRICARE and Medicaid programs in more than 20 states.

We're Here to Help!

The AAHomecare team is happy to help you craft your note, find the appropriate contact, respond to any feedback you get from the Hill, or answer any other questions on this issue.  Please email Gordon Barnes ( for assistance.

Thank you for taking action!  HME advocacy takes extra effort and commitment; we truly appreciate your contributions to this important campaign -- it makes a difference!