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Medtrade West – If You Don’t Go, You Won’t Know

Posted On: June 23, 2021 by AAHomecare in: Medtrade

Medtrade West – If You Don’t Go, You Won’t Know We like to talk about how much you can gain by attending Medtrade West, but on the flipside there is so much you miss if you don’t make the trip. For example, you will miss the opportunity to find a range of new and updated products that could well improve your company’s bottom line.   Once you find those products, you can speak to the manufacturer in person (at the booth) and get a feel for his/her integrity, knowledge, and willingness to partner. No Internet advertisement or Zoom call can replace that face-to-face interaction. If you don’t go, you won’t know.   Will staying at the office really improve your chance of gaining knowledge, carrying new products, and networking with colleagues? After all, what exactly have your peers been doing over the last 15 months? What can you learn from their experiences? Getting to Phoenix for the July 12-14 show is the best way to find out.   All

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