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If you'd like to see how AAHomecare serves as a leading advocate for homecare providers and HME/DME manufacturers, look no further than these testimonials from our members.
  • Gayle Devin, ActivStyle, Inc. (MN) picture
  • Our organization values our membership at AAHomecare.  We have appreciated great value in the resources available from AAHomecare and the work and assistance they provide to assist us in fighting many of the pressing issues facing our industry. As active members of a number of the committees that AAHomecare hosts, we have had the pleasure and privilege of sharing ideas and working with fellow members/business owners/managers to navigate and more importantly make a difference during these challenging and changing times of our industry.
  • Gayle Devin, ActivStyle, Inc. (MN)
  • Seth Johnson, Pride Mobility Products (PA) picture
  • We support AAHomecare for many reasons.  It is not only a smart business decision based on the timely information and networking opportunities it provides with other industry leaders and key government policymakers, but it often more than pays for itself based on the outcomes that result from the industry’s legislative or regulatory achievements.  As an industry manufacturer we believe it is part of our duty and responsibility to support our industry and work on the front lines to advance solutions to the many challenges and opportunities that exist.
  • Seth Johnson, Pride Mobility Products (PA)
  • Amy Law, Acelity (TX) picture
  • AAHomecare membership allows us to easily stay on top of policy and payer issues impacting the HME industry, and they keep us up to date on their team’s regular interactions with key CMS and Hill staff to help us hone our advocacy efforts. They are a great partner to help us deliver a coordinated message to policy-makers and are always on call to provide counsel. Tremendous value!
  • Amy Law, Acelity (TX)
  • Doug Coleman, Major Medical & CAMES (CO) picture
  • I have been involved as a member with AAHomecare for over 15 years; the organization has never been in better hands between the professional staff with Tom Ryan as President and the leadership of the volunteer Board of Directors. I am expecting breakthrough positive results in the very near future. Every company who is reimbursed by any government payer or private insurance company must be involved in government relations both at the national level and state level. Our payment rates are all directly tied to Medicare, and we must work together to make sure our rates are sustainable. Walking the halls of Congress is easy and fun… everyone should make at least one trip to Washington DC for a lobbying visit; seeing how our government works from the inside is fascinating.
  • Doug Coleman, Major Medical & CAMES (CO)
  • Regina Gillispie, Best Home Medical (WV) picture
  • Best Home Medical's AAHomecare Membership has paid for itself ten times over in benefits received from their many resources.  Laura Willard's assistance with our state Medicaid resulted in positive changes and improved communication. Laura's expertise with a wide array of  payers is priceless. I also find being a member of the HME/RT Council is a plus due to the shared ideas and the team building it provides for our industry. Legislatively it is crucial our industry strives to work toward common goals, and the Washington Legislative Conference is organized to help everyone become a strong lobbyist for our businesses and those we serve.
  • Regina Gillispie, Best Home Medical (WV)
  • Jackie Semrad, Reliable Medical Supply (MN) picture
  • Reliable Medical Supply’s AAHomecare membership gives us an industry partner working for and with us directly on the Hill as well as in our individual states on regulatory and legislative issues. Being an active member on the councils allows us to bring concerns and problems to other members so we can network toward solutions together. AAHomecare is a valuable partner to have in an industry that is very challenging and rapidly changing!
  • Jackie Semrad, Reliable Medical Supply (MN)
  • Chris Brooks, Ventec Life Systems (WA) picture
  • Whether it be advocacy, education, or networking, AAHomecare has been an invaluable partner in support of new technology and innovation for homecare patients and caregivers.
  • Chris Brooks, Ventec Life Systems (WA)
  • Elliot Campbell, Trace Medical (MI) picture
  • Our AAHomecare membership has allowed Trace Medical the ability to lock arms with the providers to support the Industry and the patients we collectively serve. Through the lobbying efforts, we have gained a deeper understanding of the numerous working pieces, and the collaboration required to ensure a concise message to Washington, DC. The experience gained has been invaluable.
  • Elliot Campbell, Trace Medical (MI)
  • Sharon Briggman, Prochant (NC) picture
  • AAHomecare is a one-stop-shop for the most accurate, timely, and relevant news available to the DME supplier community. It has been great to see their whole team in action. At every event, they are truly looking out for each and every one of our clients’ issues. I am grateful for their unwavering dedication, support and commitment to serving our Industry!
  • Sharon Briggman, Prochant (NC)
  • Michael Hughes, Merits Health Products (FL) picture
  • The insights from AAHomecare provider members is invaluable, especially when they discuss issues they are facing. Ultimately, it makes us as manufacturers better business partners if we can adapt and help solve those issues. 
  • Michael Hughes, Merits Health Products (FL)
  • Joel Mills, Advanced Home Care (NC) picture
  • AAHomecare provides great networking and excellent representation for regulatory and legislative issues. It provides us with a seat at the table when all the big decisions are being made.
  • Joel Mills, Advanced Home Care (NC)
  • Jim Stephenson, Permobil (TN) picture
  • The one thing that stands out for me regarding our AAHomecare membership is having a seat at the table with some of the most brilliant minds in our industry. It’s a collaborative effort of everyone working toward common goals with a united voice.
  • Jim Stephenson, Permobil (TN)
  • Max Hoty, VieMed (LA) picture
  • I appreciate the top quality staff across the board at AAHomecare and their professional lobbying efforts on the Hill and with CMS. We also benefit from the networking and Council participation afforded by AAHomecare as it speeds our learning curve.
  • Max Hoty, VieMed (LA)
  • Michael Bocci, Respiratory Quality Services (TX) picture
  • Our AAHomecare membership has been rewarding in the sense of meaningful dialogue, addressing the ‘big picture’ of HME, providing an exchange of vital communications with government entities that can affect Industry members both large and small, the councils and work groups, and the association’s strong leadership with effective network capacities.
  • Michael Bocci, Respiratory Quality Services (TX)
  • Roxanne Venard, RRT, Ascent Respiratory Care (CO) picture
  • The AAHomecare Council meetings are a highly valuable benefit to the HME Industry and my company. We can meet with fellow industry leaders who have the same concerns and challenges and work together to make a change in how we serve our customers and community. It has been very satisfying! Also, AAHomecare has a strong staff who keep us informed of important issues and are our advocates on The Hill.
  • Roxanne Venard, RRT, Ascent Respiratory Care (CO)
  • Beau Alford, Cure Medical (CA) picture
  • One of the things I really appreciate about AAHomecare is their effort to be involved in state Medicaid plans, MCOs, and TPAs. This helps combat the low reimbursement our customers are facing when states outsource their Medicaid to MCOS and the rates are drastically cut.
  • Beau Alford, Cure Medical (CA)
  • Kimberlie Rogers Bowers, Apria (CA) picture
  • AAHomecare allows the industry a platform to voice issues and concerns on behalf of all suppliers collectively. They make it easy to participate in lobbying efforts with turnkey references that allow us to tailor our message to key legislators. AAHomecare provides us with the resources we need, which are very helpful to us when we send out our internal calls to action. We can also raise concerns within the AAHomecare councils to address with CMS, working together toward change as an Industry rather than individual companies. Through AAHomecare, we impact policy!
  • Kimberlie Rogers Bowers, Apria (CA)
  • Laura Berry, Soundview Medical Supply (WA) picture
  • I feel like I am working to help improve the standards of our industry as a member of AAHomecare. I also like the first-hand knowledge about the work being done and the networking opportunities.
  • Laura Berry, Soundview Medical Supply (WA)
  • Nick Macmillan, Ventec Life Systems (WA) picture
  • I’m grateful for AAHomecare’s comprehensive, top-to-bottom actionable response team, connecting the many industry dots that hones quick, concise, and meaningful legislative messaging. There was a time when this kind of legislative and administrative dialogue and engagement was a dream. To know that these lines of communication are now open and often times welcomed, it speaks for itself! We could not do this alone!
  • Nick Macmillan, Ventec Life Systems (WA)
  • Phil Sandlin, Leading Respiratory Service (OH) picture
  • Being an AAHomecare member helps me find out about all of the possibilities and/ or land mines that might exist, which is a tremendous help when trying to plan and predict what is coming down the road. It has also been a valuable resource in enabling me to speak with other owners and participants who have some of the same struggles we face.
  • Phil Sandlin, Leading Respiratory Service (OH)
  • George Kucka, Fairmeadows Home Health Center (IN) picture
  • I have always been an advocate for association membership at the local and national levels because it’s the best way to keep up with industry trends and is the most cost-effective way to keep plugged in on a regular basis. There is no way an individual company or person can stay on top of our industry’s rapidly changing landscape by themselves without dedicating time and personnel to do it.
  • George Kucka, Fairmeadows Home Health Center (IN)
  • Mitchell Yoel, Drive|DeVilbiss (Port Washington, NY) picture
  • As a clinician who saw the value in Home Medical Equipment providers in the 1990s, an HME provider myself for 9 years in the 2000s, and a manufacturer for the last 11, I’ve watched our industry adapt and evolve and succeed despite, and perhaps because of, seemingly insurmountable challenges.  These Herculean efforts have enhanced the lives of countless individuals by making them more safe, comfortable and independent in their homes or care settings. However, I’ve not seen our industry’s “brand” reflect that perseverance, that grit, or frankly that heroism, and we need to join together to advocate for the incredible contributions we make. AAHomecare has a track record of defeating damaging cuts at the state and federal level, educating providers on policy changes and complex issues like the 2021 competitive bid, and bringing together the industry at the Washington Legislative Conference. More than ever before, providers and manufacturers have limited resources, but joining the Association is money well spent – just look at their results. We need you to get involved to keep up the pressure on CMS, Congress and your state policymakers. Please join today!
  • Mitchell Yoel, Drive|DeVilbiss (Port Washington, NY)

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