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Early Friday morning, the Senate confirmed Dr. Tom Price to serve as Secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) by a vote of 52-47.

Statement of Tom Ryan, president & CEO of the American Association for Homecare:

Dr. Price is uniquely qualified to lead HHS thanks to his background a as successful orthopaedic surgeon as well as his extensive experience advocating for stronger healthcare policy on Capitol Hill.  He has an impressive command of almost every aspect of our healthcare delivery system and understands how our complex Federal regulatory system places challenges both healthcare professionals and patients they serve.
Dr. Price also has a strong appreciation of the role that home medical equipment providers play in allowing people to remain in their homes when recuperating from an illness or dealing with long-term health challenges.  He has been a long-time advocate for legislation that would improve Medicare reimbursement practices for home medical equipment, and has led Congressional efforts to make sure that individuals who rely on home medical equipment in rural communities and other less-densely populated areas can get the products and services they need.
AAHomecare and the home medical equipment community look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Price to ensure that our nation’s seniors, people with disabilities, and individuals with chronic conditions have access to products and services that can keep them at home with their families and principal caregivers.

The American Association for Homecare represents durable medical equipment providers, manufacturers, and others in the homecare community that serve the medical needs of millions of Americans who require oxygen systems, wheelchairs, medical supplies, inhalation drug therapy, and other medical equipment and services in their homes. Members operate more than 3,000 homecare locations in all 50 states. Visit


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