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Thank you for your interest in the American Association for Homecare. AAHomecare offers your business support and information and can help you succeed in many ways. We fight for Medicare policies that protect patient access to quality home medical equipment and services. We influence the regulations that affect the daily operations of homecare providers. We advocate for greater recognition of cost-effective, patient-preferred, clinically proven care that can be provided in the comfort of home.

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But membership in the Association can improve your bottom line as well. AAHomecare provides opportunities to build relationships, network and learn from your peers. Speaking from personal experience, I know membership in the Association has resulted in increased profits for my HME business that far outweigh the cost of membership. And I’m not alone; dozens of other providers remain members of AAHomecare because they see results. I dare you to see what membership can do for you!

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Membership in AAHomecare Makes a Difference for the HME Community

By joining AAHomecare, you support legislative, regulatory, and public relations campaigns that strengthen the home medical equipment community. The Associaion is your voice on Capitol Hill, at CMS, and in the press.

AAHomecare devotes 100 percent of its time to HME priorities such as improving policies for mobility, oxygen, and medical supplies and eliminating the misguided bidding program for durable medical equipment. The Association is the organization that policymakers consult when key decisions are made.

It is critical that each company in the homecare sector serve as a grassroots advocate for HME on Capitol Hill. Talk to your members of Congress and let AAHomecare know what is occurring in your community and your company.

Together we can succeed. Please feel free to contact Michael Nicol, AAHomecare’s director of membership, by phone at 202-372-0749 or by email at with questions about membership and about how AAHomecare serves your interests.