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In honor of homecare month in November, People for Quality Care (PFQC) and Save My Medical Supplies (SMMS) have come together again to spread the word about the positive impact of home medical equipment (HME).

From helping patients live independently in their homes to being leaders in their communities, there are many examples of how HME providers go out of their way to help others. PFQC and SMMS have created a centralized home for these positive stories at shares patient and provider testimonials about the value of homecare and the positivity and passion of the HME community. The site showcases the strong role that HME providers play in their communities, from sponsoring sports teams and volunteering with charities to leading their Chamber of Commerce and participating in local politics.

“Home care providers are an intricate part of the health care system. They touch the lives of those they serve and help people live with dignity in their homes. This month, our focus is to shine the spotlight on the heart of HME providers and honor all the important work that they do,” commented Kelly Turner, director of advocacy for People for Quality Care.    

 “HME providers support patients, caregivers and family members by providing assistance in the most trying of times,” said Tom Ryan, president and CEO of the American Association for Homecare, the HME association that manages SMMS, “Recognizing November as homecare month is a great opportunity to honor the work these HME providers perform year-round for their patients."

The stories and content on is meant to be shared. Don’t miss this opportunity to spread the word about the value of homecare with your friends, family, patients and vendors. 


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